The Artist’s Journey

The Artist’s Journey

Discover the earliest forms of patterns and symbols

Vrede” is Afrikaans for peace, and if it’s peace that you're after, then its Vredenburg you need to visit.

It wasn’t all peace and quiet to start off with though. In the 18th century, a freshwater spring between the farms Heuningklip and Witteklip caused strife between the respective farm owners.

The site became known as Twisfontein (“quarrel spring”), later renamed Prosesfontein (“lawsuit spring”). The Dutch Reformed Church came to the rescue in 1875 when it built the town’s first church near the disputed spring and promptly renamed the town Vredenburg (“peaceful town”). Problem solved.

These days, Vredenburg is the transportation and commercial hub of the Cape West Coast.

The only argument you’re likely to have in modern-day Vredenburg, since the Twisfontein Monument is today the sole reminder of that water tiff, is in agreeing on which activities you and your travel mates plan to indulge in: golf, horse riding, bird watching or paintball?

The town is located 12km inland from Saldanha Bay on the Cape Columbine Peninsula, 138km north of Cape Town.


  • West Coast Fossil Park
Cape Town
84km to next stop

Cape Town’s story begins with the birth of Table Mountain 800-million years ago and the discovery of human footprints dating back 117 000 years. Today it’s a colourful and harmonious fusion of ethnic diversity and a city overflowing with opportunity.

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!Khwa ttu, Yzerfontein
53km to next stop

Join San demonstrating their skills and sharing their ancient knowledge about oral history, tracking animals and identifying plants at !Khwa ttu, a non-profit San culture and education centre.

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West Coast Fossil Park, Langebaan
95km to next stop

Map your route to the West Coast Fossil Park near Langebaan about 150km from Cape Town to see many well-preserved fossil remains of some of the animals that roamed the area about 5-million years ago.

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Elands Bay Cave, Elands Bay
23km to next stop

Ancient San paintings have been found in the Elands Bay Cave in the mountains a few kilometres from Elands Bay. Researchers believe people lived in the cave 4 400 to 3 000 years ago.

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Diepkloof Rock Shelter, Piketberg
81km to next stop

Though not open to the public, Diepkloof Rock Shelter near Piketberg is perhaps the most significant destination on The Artist’s Journey route. Here, researchers have discovered evidence of human occupation for nearly 85 000 years.

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Riel dancing and living culture
36km to next stop

Experience an authentic riel dance, a cultural expression of courtship rituals, animal antics and joyous jive moves practiced by descendants of San and Khoi people.

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Sevilla Rock Art Trail, Clanwilliam
71km to next stop

See some of the finest examples of San rock art in the region at nine sites along the Sevilla Rock Art Trail on Traveller’s Rest Farm, 34km from Clanwilliam.

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Truitjieskraal, Matjiesrivier Reserve
256km to next stop

The Cederberg is dotted with rock art, but Truitjieskraal in the Matjiesrivier Reserve World Heritage Site is arguably one of the most impressive sites, with rock paintings dating back thousands of years.

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